Help - My new Yellow cart for 7900 isn't being recognised

Hi, i’ve a 7900 with the yellow cart out of ink for months. I started to have some times and ordered a new original Epson yellow cart on my recent trip to Hong Kong (my country just do not have the cart in ready stock, back order takes month).

I opened up the cart and install into the printer, now it read “Ink Cart Error, please install the correct cart”, I did this a few times yet this error didn’t go away. I started to get anxious and re-read the whole packaging to make sure I got the correct cart, it is the Epson T5964 (Yellow 350ml), however, due to I bought this in Hong Kong, the model of the Epson 7900 is being sold in Hong Kong as Epson 7910. The cart happen to be in the same model number so I am not sure if it is the cart sold in Hong Kong for Epson 7910 won’t work in Epson 7900.

Anything I could do, as the cart costs dearly and I want to make sure I can use it, any advise will be much appreciated.

i think it was me that made a stupid mistake. Re-read it again it was stated as T5974 instead of T5964. Any advise that i can perhaps get a chip to replace this so my Epson 7900 can recognise it and use it?

I really do not want to waste this as this is likely the same yellow ink however being market as different model for Epson 7910 in Hong Kong/ China region?


You will need to find/get a 7910 Y chip (we do not sell this chip, only US model chips.)

so sorry!

hi thanks, what does a 7910 Y chip means? Can you point me to the direction that i can obtain one?

I think i didn’t make myself clear. I’ve a Epson 7900 printer (not a 7910 printer), but I accidentally bought a cart which is for 7910 printer. I needed the T5964 and instead of that I got myself a T5974 yellow cart. (stupid, i know).

What I can do from here? buying a refill cart and transfer the ink to the refill cart? swap the chip on the T5974 to make it as a T5964 so my Epson 7900 can recognise it?


You need to look at Hong Kong or Chinese suppliers for your chip. Specifically look for the Yellow chip for the 7910 model printer (you have this model). As we do not sell this model chip or support this model printer at InkjetMall in the US, we can’t help you at the moment. The one thing I can say is that our cartridge will be compatible with all reset chips available for the 7910. In other words, when you get the 7910 reset chip, it will fit on your cartridge that you have from us.


thank you. I think that sounds like a plan.

Can I assume this when I buy the refill cart:

  • I do not need to have a resetter on the first refill and use, once i transfer the ink from the original cart to this refill cart, it is ready to be use without resetting

If the experience is good, then I can slowly introduce other carts with inkjetmall ink into the 7900 printer, as my reading suggest that your ink would be able to co-exist with other color of original ink, reason being I’ve quite a few 700ml cart that still relatively full

I suggest buying the refill cartridge from us for the 7900 as well as a priming tip and syringe. Take the yellow ink out, put in the new cartridge, and insert into printer.

all the best,

You do not need the resetter. It will be ready to use without resetting.

CC ink and Epson ink are interchangeable but I suggest cleaning the cart out with distilled before switching the cart to CCPro.


finally got the inkjetmall replacement cart and transfer the ink into the cart, all good, printed the first nozzle check but was disssapointed, lots of nozzle line issue, did a standard cleaning but greeted with “automatic head cleaning failed”, didn’t retry but instead did a nozzle print again, now:

  • all nozzle colors firing perfectly except the green, the green has nothing, empty
  • performed pair cleaning (green & orange), nothing on green
  • went into service mode, and performed pair cleaning on CL1 and CL2, green still nothing

All colors printed perfectly with the exception of green, I do not intend to continue to clean as I am not sure what does cleaning will help on a completely clogged color (in this case, GREEN).

Is there anything I could do at this stage apart from calling “EPSON”? Which likely will be my last resort as I’ll be expecting the answer would be, a head replacement is required.

Appreciate your comment.

why I am not surprised, I gave Epson authorised service partner a call in my country, just hearing my issue their conclusion is head replacement is required. I’ve been quoted by doing this change, the standard procedure is printhead, damper, wiper assembly, and depends on situation, the pump.

Not even interested to share the price quoted as it just make more sense to buy a new printer.

Now i am interested to understand if there’s any article i can refer to servicing the plate de-lamination, and see whether i can carry this out by myself.

Most likely nozzle plate de-lamination. Epson would be correct in saying that you need it serviced.


Hi, thanks, are u saying based on the symptom u believed what Epson claimed is likely right, and it’s no longer related to the nozzle plate u suggested earlier?

If this is not something worth going down the path, anything I could reuse the machine for? Just seeking ur opinion

It’s all micro-electronics. No way to repair these things once they are blown out.


The nozzle plate is connected to hundreds of microscopic Piezoelectic nozzle channels. There is no way to repair these things.


I see, so when u refer to nozzle plate de-lamination and need it serviced, that’s essentially means a head replacement? Apology as I want to get a grasp of what you shared

It needs a head replacement. As I’ve said several times, when these heads delaminate they can’t be fixed.