Help me decide which printer to keep!

I have just moved from Texas to a small apartment in Los Angeles and need to downsize a bit.

I have an Epson 4880 which is already set up with a glossy only piezo inkset which as of last use was working OK though all carts are getting a little low. I also have a 4900 which has at least two clogged heads and is still on stock ink. I’m trying to decide which to keep. I could surely fix the 4900 and then I’d have more channels but my understanding is maybe the 4880 is a bit more of a workhorse. I would also consider going to the Pro system as it would be nice to not have to do two passes, that said I’m pretty satisfied with the selenium set and don’t really desire much toning.

One thing I strongly dislike about the 4880 is that it’s somewhat useless for 8x10 paper or smaller especially when you try to load it twice to do the glossy coat. I always would end up printing on a roll and cutting, though that’s less than ideal for proofing. I assume I’d have the same problem with the 4900.

One other question- currently I really only need to print as big as 8x12 so would love to clear the space of both of them and get a 1430 with ciss but I really prefer at least a semi matte print, can the 1430 print on Canson Platine, which is my favorite paper, will I miss the gloss? (probably) Are there any other options for something with a small foot print.

I’d obviously love to take advantage of the black friday sales but don’t think I have time to make a decision!

So what you would do if you needed to get some space back?

I suggest stick with the 4880 (it will last you longer) and then simply spray gloss the small printers with Hahnemuhle spray which will do just about the same thing as GO but is easy on small prints.


Thanks Walker!

Would a small printer be able to handle Canson Platine or something like Cone 5 using the matt inks but then coating with spray? Also, what’s the best option for a small format printer? I was thinking a 1430 with CISS but not sure if that’s what I should look for. Really looking to save space so if I stick with the 4880 I guess I wouldn’t need to get a small printer just use that but I may just move both out.

You still need Photo Black (gloss black) ink to print on Platine or Type 5 even if you are overglossing. Matte black won’t work.

We have successfully printed on this thick paper on the 1430 formats and that family.