Help, im about to order ink but im a little confused

hi, i have two P9000 i use one exclusive for PK, and one exclusive MK, right now I want to change my PK machine to inkjetmall inks, I’m going to order a 700ml kit, but that machine have a little stubborn clog 20180524_041821 .

I want to try piezo flush it, I’m going to travel for 15 days this Christmas, normally I cover my machines and put a bucket with water to keep humidity over 40% this usually works.

What is recommended to buy, I’m a little worried about the chip serials.

For last is possible to made a initial fill only to some channels?


Dear @loomitz I see a clog in LK and VM but not PK.

These clogs are probably just a dirty head and not anything worse. Clean the wiper blade and cap/flush/clean assembly and do a power cleanings on VM/C and LK channel pairs to verify everything is good.

We will have several more chip series before you need a second (we already have more than 1 in stock and each chip is 700mL).

I suggest simply placing the new cartridge in and printing normal (no need to initial fill, that is waste of ink).


Oh, I have a glare on the photo, my only clog is in VM, the one on the top, I have already done power cleans, a fisical head clean, and change the wiper blade, this clog don’t affect quality of print.

Did you recommend leve it and just buy the ink set?