HELP-How do I use adjustment program when error locks printer & will not communicate


My 3880 has the error 142D. I was hoping to use the adjustment program, which I have used in the past, to reset the counter on the pump assembly - referring to the error code. The adjustment program will not communicate with the printer as it is not “ready”. The error code has effectively locked the printer. Also the 3880 reset procedure will not work because of the error code. Is there anyway to work around or override the error code and use the adjustment program or reset the printer?

As well, if I replace the pump, cap assembly as suggested by the service manual will I be able then to use the adjustment program to reset the counter?



Have you already replaced the Pump Assembly? and now the printer won’t allow you to reset it? OR you were simply hoping to reset the old pump assembly to new again, as you have done in the past?

The manual reads:

Whenever the PUMP, CAP, ASSY., is replaced, the corresponding
adjustments must be carried out. See Chapter 5 “ADJUSTMENT”
<Adjustment Item>

  1. Reset When Pump Motor Change

Indicating you need to actually replace the pump assembly to be able to perform this adjustment.


I read that section and must have read right over it. I have used the adjustment program with other errors and/or when replacing a part and it always worked prior to replacement. When it refused to operate I only thought the worst. The pump cap assembly arrives Wednesday. I will try again after replacement.