Help for a future P800 Piezo Pro user

Hello. I have bought a second hand P800 printer in France. I have also ordered two 3880/P800 cartrige sets, a piezoflush bottle, and a 3880/P800 Piezo Pro Ink set.
If I understand well, I shouldn’t buy the decoder board for P800, because my printer is european, and not from the US?
If I understand well again, I must take off my actual Epson cartridge chips and place them under the reusable cartridge chips?
Does this mean I won’t be able to use my old Epson cartriges again in the periods I don’t make piezography prints and I can just throw them?
Another question: Must I buy the adjustment program to clean the printer from the Espon inks, or is there another way to do it?
Thank you very much to those who will help me.

That is correct. You need to find an EU supplier of P800 cartridge chips.

No. The 38xx and P800 cartridges are the same shape. You just need the updated P800 chips.

3 or 4 heavy cleanings from the printer’s control panel will do it just fine.

Hello. Thank you for your answer.

I am sorry, but I must ask you some precisions just to be sure I understand well the process and I don’t make any error.

  • The US Inkjetmall reusable catrtidges I bought at Injetmall’s are ok for me in France, including the top chips (those that are not rectangular but L-shaped); or must I replace these top chips by european ones?

  • For the below chips (those that are rectangular), I can take those that are on the Epson cartridges I have, and put them in the reusable cartridges; or I can try to buy some on the net?

  • Doing this, the Inkjetmall reusable cartridges are always seen as full by the P800 printer?

Another question:

  • I saw that the new Epson firmware avoid the cartridges to be used several times. I can I verify I have the good (old) firmware, and how I prevent the firmware to be updated?

Thank you again.


Yeah. These will fit. The chips you get (auto reset P800 chips) in EU will snap-fit onto our bases. You will have to carefully pry out control chips out of their plastic cradles but this is easy.

You don’t need these epson chips anymore. And also, the P800 ARC chips do not require Epson chips underneath either.

Nope. The EU P800 chips will show correct levels until they reset. At that point you pull the cart and refill it and put it back in.

You will have to figure this out because I do not have this information relative to the EU. EU law clearly requires Epson to allow for unlocked printers. It’s different in the US so maybe you read this about the US P800 models.

Hello. Thank you for answering me. I really apologize, but my english is not very good, and I still have a doubt regarding what you told me about the chips, so I prefer to ask you some questions again (sorry, I hope for the last time!).

  • I can use your cartriges in France.

  • I don’t need to insert Epson chips under the auto reset chips.

  • If I understand well, I must buy EU chips to replace the US chips?
    Can’t I try to use chips that are on Inkjetmall cartridges?
    The problem is that I can’t find where to buy these EU chips on internet.
    So, if I can’t find them, do you think I must send back Inkjetmall my two cartridges sets and buy two others in EU?

Thank you very much again.

As I said above, YES you will need to find EU chips. We do not sell P800 chips (only a decoder board specifically built for US version of the P800).


Simply do a search for Epson P800 auto reset chips and you should be able to find an EU dealer. Farbenwerk, etc . . .


Hello. Thanks for giving me the name of Farbenwerk. I found the chips there (I didn’t find it before because it was in german…).
Have a nice day.