Hello NYC - how about a drink?


Hello all

I’m reaching out in a general way
To see if there might be any interest in meeting up with other Cone users locally in New York City

I run a tiny print shop for a few private clients
in lower Manhattan
Out of which I run a 9700 on cone color and a 7900 on piezo pro (beta)

And I was curious if there were other people in the area that might be interested in meeting other users?
Call it an old-school “users group”
Swap some stories, tips, gossip and the like

I’m thinking maybe early evening on February 8th? (flexible on this)
I have space to host for like 10 people - or a neutral venue could be found also

Respond here and maybe we can gauge the amount of interest there might be

cheers and may you all have a good New Year

garret linn


I’ll be down for CAA on Feb 16ish. Down for it!



I am very interested - please let me know where & when


I’d be up for a meeting. Keep us informed, please!



I would love to participate, I am in the NY area. Working around Walker sounds best, keep posting about how things come together.


…Where is everybody?


Sorry. As I said, coming down on 16th. This may be on hold for me (though) as I’m possibly taking care of someone up here that weekend.



yahh that would be a good overlap
any other takers?

walker ? you have a short list of people to invite?



I’m sorry y’all, I’m stuck up here in VT.

Sorry for the stuck email reply too. Debugging this cluster-F today.