Hello I have a problem with the dry time on regular coated paper

I have a Epson Workforce 7610 Precisioncore 13X19 printer, with ink thrift DB, but when print on regular offset coated paper (Couche cover 14pt), the print last to much to dry (around 15 min).

I hear about some chemicals to mix with the ink to catalyst for faster dries time, or some overcoat on the paper, can you help me with info or some recommendations.

I’m slowly diving into un-replied posts that were buried by our previous forum software a few years back.

If a paper is offset coated it will actually not dry well because it is meant for high compression halftoned ink. Inkjet prints put a lot more ink on than offset. Often these papers say they work for “digital printing” but this just means either digital offset or laser and not inkjet. I think you need a paper like HP ColorLok or similar.