Head check channel missing 1 ink but purge file is fine

My R2400 has been cleaned with Piezoflush as per your videos. When I do a head check with the Piezoflush cartridges I can get a perfect 8 channel printout. With the inks installed, waiting overnight etc. the head check will not show the Y channel even after multiple head cleanings. If I print a purge file the Y channel prints fine, no banding. My prints seem fine. I’ve searched the forums and the only hint I could find is that there might be weak pressure from that cart. Should I fill a new cart with KSel #7?

I changed the cartridge but that hasn’t changed anything. Is the order of the channels the same as color order if they were the original inks? Perhaps Im looking at the GO channel. I am using glossy paper to confirm the nozzle check. My prints are coming out fine when I see six channels and a very faint one on the left.

This is K7, right? Shade 7, normally in the Y slot, is very hard to see in a nozzle check. Shade 6 can be tricky as well. I have to use an 8x loupe and have to look at it obliquely under the right light in order to read the nozzle check. What you did with the Y purge (provided you did it in calibration mode) is the sensible thing to do. Based on what you said, I’d say that you’re fine.

Which is no small feat with the R2400. Plenty of us have tried and failed to re-purpose that printer to use refillables.

It’s a fickle beast. a couple days not printing and I have to do a major clean (Piezoflush on towel etc.) When it works I love the prints.

Yes, the R2400 is a fickle beast. I’m not sure whether it’s that particular model of printer, or the IJM carts, which are a much older design that the one currently used in refillable carts for other desktop printers. IJM went through a couple of iterations with R2400 carts, and the final one (AFAIK) required vacuum filling from the bottom, which was very tedious.

In my view the gaps I assume you are seeing in nozzle checks are unlikely to be clogs (unless you’re living in a desert with 0% humidity). And especially if they occur in different nozzles. Rather they’re most likely to be air that has got into the system. The question is, how did it get in there? Unfortunately that question usually is very hard to answer. There are quite a few people who eventually gave up on the R2400 for that reason. Best of luck.