Head alignment patterns / new dampers for 9800

I purchased a 9800 with Epson inks. It will be Piezoflushed before converted to Piezography, along with replacing the dampers and wiper blade. This is to replace our 7800 that has a blocked Y channel. Two questions:

[li]What it the best head alignment to run with the OEM inks before flushing and converting to Piezography? There are a few to choose from: Uni-D, Bi-D, Bi-D all. I plan to print both unidirectional and bidirectional.
[/li][li]Is it better to install new dampers before or after flushing the Epson OEM inks with Piezoflush?

Hi candela~

If you currently have Epson inks installed in the printer, then I recommend running the alignment with OEM inks before flushing, because you won’t be able to see the LLK or Y channels well with Piezography inks.
I think it would be best to do the Uni-D alignment.

I recommend replacing dampers after flushing the Epson inks, to avoid getting color inks in your new dampers.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana