HDX vivid magenta ccpro-vmhdx

Is this ink appropriate for Epson p600?

Yes it is

Warmest regards

Thanks Walker,

The reason I asked this is I am having color problems, mainly a magenta cast. I have ruled out the software (used
3 different programs) and my printer had new guts put in last January and until recently was fine. I refilled my cartridges
a couple of weeks ago, which is when the problem started. I have cleaned heads a number of times but nothing seems to

help. Any thoughts?

Regards, Karen

Dear Karen,

You are welcome to print these targets using Print-Tool with No Color Management and send to me at (Walker Blackwell) 17 Powder Spring Rd, Topsham VT 05076 and I’ll build you a custom ICC profiles:

1566.zip (95.1 KB)


Thanks Walker. I have been using the appropriate ICC profiles for ages, and I don’t think I want to have ICC profiles to compensate for a problem color cast.
I do appreciate your response and feedback. I think I will put in cartridges with cleaning fluid and clean a bunch of times, then put the ink cartridges
back in and see what’s what.

Again, thanks!