HD Curves Failed to Install

I have K-7 Special Edition ink set in an Epson 4880 printer running on a Mac with iSO 10.13.2. I have switched to the ultra high density matte black and wanted to install the HD curves from the Piezography folder. With the printer turned on I open 4880-7880-9880-K6 curves folder and clicked on the 4880 install command. The message is got was “unable to create curve folder /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone/Q4880-K6.” It did create the new printer “Quad4880-HDk6” but no curves folder. What did I do wrong?

Re-install QuadtoneRIP and try again. You may have a permissions issue.


Re-installed the latest QuadtoneRIP and and checked all permissions and now it works just fine.

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