Having trouble reinstalling print driver on 3880


I am having trouble getting print driver to reinstall on my Epson 3880. I am using pizio pro ink set.



Re-install QuadtoneRIP and Community Edition and refresh your curves. Instructions for curve refresh: How to Install and Delete QuadtoneRIP Curves - Piezography



I have uninstalled the QTR from my 3880 but now having a little difficulty locating the install. I have located in the application section the install 3880 pro command when I click on it nothing seems to happen


You need to download QuadtoneRIP and install it now.

Please look here at the Quickstart guides: Learn Piezography & Technical Support - Piezography



Attempted to install the quad tone rip 3880 package but the installation failed


What you need to do is actually download QuadtoneRIP, install quadtonerip, and then follow the Quickstart guide for running the install.command from the 3880 curve folder.



I have now made multiple attempts at the installation and it still fails


So you said you tried to install the 3880 package but you still have not yet told me if you actually dried to install QuadtoneRIP first (you know, from QuadtoneRip.com)

Please share specifics or I can’t help you further. ps: When attempting to run the QTR install package, double click on it and it will show a security warning. Then you will need to open System Preferences > Security and click “Open Anyway” and it will work.

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Would I be asking too much if we could have a conversation by phone ?


A little history on this problem I’m having Walker. A few days ago I was working on it image I did the first run came off just fine second one came up with a filter failure had no idea what that meant did a Google search and the only solution that have for was to delete print drivers and reinstall. I removed all print drivers from 3880. I have completely starting over from the beginning downloaded latest QTR for macOS. Downloaded Pieziogrphy Open printer installation package double clicked on quad 3880 pro package follow through on all prompts the installation comes up failed. In the window it says the installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail contact software manufacturer for Assistance. So that’s where I am at this point.


This is why you need to view the Quickstart guide where it shows you how to install a printer via the install.command instead of the pkg installer.

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