Gum curve for EPSON 1430 or 3880

Despite my research on the forum, I did not find a curve for the gum process for an epson printer. Does it exist?

GUM is a weird one. With our PiezoDN process you start with the cyanotype curve. You can manually change the contrast using the Piezography Curve Adjustment tool after the first target print (based on your darkroom conditions) and then linearize from there . . . It’s too individualized for us to fully support a “default” curve without raising everyone’s expectations too much.

I assume you have PiezoDN curves/tools package yes? Maine Media is doing gum with this process quite well.


Thanks Walter. I will do that.

Hello Pierre, with the Piezo system i have the best gum curve i have ever managed to get. As walker suggests start with cyanotype. I chose 1 x colour, fix pigment: gum ratio and use auto development. I used an average of 3 readings from 3 seperate prints for each step measurment for linearisation to help account for the inherent variation in my gum coating

Great Thanks Labretto :blush: