Greetings! Epson 9800 clogged Magenta nozzle

I have done several power cleans as well as manually cleaning head, flushing box, blade and capping station with Piezoflush. Seems like the Magenta Nozzle is clogged pretty good. I attached test prints and I am not getting anywhere.
Not sure how to proceed. Should I flush everything? I will have to buy that whole kit.
Are there anymore tricks to try?

Thank you! This forum has always been very kind to me. Thank you!

IMG_1722 IMG_1723 IMG_1724

I think your damper needs replacement.


Aha. Wondered about that.
I haven’t had to do that yet.

Is this something that I should do to all if I am doing one?

Thanks for quick reply!

all of them, every two years. This is the special way to keep these printers from dying.


Okay. Let me look up a tutorial on that. Thanks!

Any suggestions on where to purchase new dampers? I don’t think Compass Micro sells those anymore.

Thanks again.

A couple possibilities:

Thank you! That helps.