Green refillable cartridge not engaging in 7900

the refillable green cartridge engaged fine after the initial fill with Neutral K7 inks in the 7900. after removing them to reset the chip, the green cartridge will not engage and click into the slot. some of the plastic pieces on the side of the cartridges have gotten stuck and dislodged when removing the cartridges. the green still has the side piece, but will not click into place. I’m able to push it into the slot without resistance, but it does not click in. Please advise.

Check inside the ink bay (you may have to take the surrounding carts out). There are small metal posts at the bottom back of each ink slot. The green one is probably slightly down. Lift it up slightly with a long flat screw-driver. This will allow the cartridge to re-engage.


Thanks Walker.
It was bent slightly upward, so I straightened it and the cartridge engaged fine. Now I’m going to test the LK new cartridge and see if it releases volumes of ink and leaks as I mentioned previously. I’ll keep you posted.