Got cart for 38xx when ordering for r3000



last year I ordered refillable cartridges and ink for my epson r3000. yesterday I finally got around to needing the LC cartridge and discovered that it is impressively large and labeled RCS-38XX-80-LC MAY 2013. I’m guessing that it won’t fit into my r3000, suggestions?



Hi Bart~

I looked up your order history, and see you purchased a set of R3000 carts last year. Our shipping warehouse pulls individual carts to make a set, so they must have accidentally pulled a 38xx cart instead of R3000. Can you please check the rest of your carts to make sure all the others are R3000? After checking the rest of your carts, please let me know if you have any other 38xx carts, and I will have Wells send you instructions for returning the 38xx cart, and we’ll ship you the correct R3000 cart.

Thanks~ Dana


It appears that I have just the one 38XX cart: RCS-38XX-80-LC. The rest all specify R3000.

thanks! Bart


OK, thanks for checking and letting me know. I will ask Wells to contact you with info for returning that cart, and will have a replacement R3000 LC cart shipped to you.

Best regards~ Dana


We have sent your replacement cartridge, but decided to not request the 38xx cart back due to shipping and restocking costs, so you can dispose of it (unless you know a 38xx printer model user)