Gold Fiber Silk paper and Piezography ink



I have just received 2 rolls of 24 inch Ilford Gold fiber silk paper a company had and no longer wanted. i remember using this paper many years ago with a epson 1270 and liked it. now i am using the piezography inks on a 7800, i believe its either called k6 or p2, not sure entirely as to the correct name for it., am using a mix of warm neutral and neutral inks (for personal reasons the mix).
using the epson enhanced fiber profile i received for the inks i have, i ran a test on the gold silk paper and have found even after sitting for 24 hours the ink comes off very easily, with just a light touch of the finger and it is removed. is anyone using the ilford gold fiber paper?? i noticed there are profiles for the k7 on smaller printers so i believe its just the ink limit that has gone over a bit. so is there a profile for this paper using warm or neutral ink on the larger printers, 7800 or above, is it worth paying for a profile or would this be an issue regardless. cant do a gloss overcoat with ink like it is now as the rollers pick up the ink that does not adhere to the paper therefore leaving nice long marks on the images.

i got the paper free and can and will use it on a 9880 with color ink, and i have 3 rolls of epson enhanced fiber paper i love, so spending any money on a profile i would be only using for a limited time till the paper i have runs out, and as i do not plan on buying the gold fiber in the future i will not place too many resources into using the gold fiber paper with the piezo inks. just curious as to see if anyone is using it on larger printers and is it working for you.


I have used it a little on an R1900 and haven’t noticed this problem.

My understanding is that Ilford Imaging of Switzerland went bankrupt (for the final time), and so you may not be able to get any more of it. You may not want any more of it, but unless someone buys the brand and technology, you may have a scarce commodity there.


The paper can only be used with the Piezography photo black shade 1 option and then a second printing of Piezography Gloss Overprint.

When you say you received an Epson Enhanced “profile” is this a Piezography curve starting with P2- or K7- ??


jon, it was the p2 profile for epson enhanced fiber paper i used as a test, with a sheet of 8 by 10 gold fiber silk paper, just to see how it would look knowing the ink volume may not work for that particular paper.