GO when using matte paper and Pro inks

I want to print the GO at the same time as I print a matte print using the Pro ink set. Is this possible by just changing the paper type and using the matte paper QTR curves. Also can I use GO and not GCO on the matte paper as I given four 700ML bottles.


I asked this question last November 20th and the answer from Walker was no.

I thought I read but can not find the message that you can update the matte curve(s). What you would do is use a Pro ink curve for glossy/semi gloss paper. Copy the data for the LLK channel from a Pro ink curve for glossy/semi gloss paper and replace the LLK channel code in the matte curve with the copied channel data. If any one knows this to be correct please let me know.


Yeah, you can do that but the print won’t look much different. The GO liquid does not gloss out matte paper.


Walker, I do not want to get the Matte print glossy, I just want to add some protection. Does it matter what the values are for the LLK channel in the curves. Also do they need to be the same or different for Cool, Neutral, Warm curves.
I copied the LLK channel from Canson-BarytaPhoto-Cool, Canson-BarytaPhoto-Neutral, Canson-BarytaPhoto-Warm and replaced the LLK channel in the Cool, Neutral and Warm curves for the Matte papers. Would this work?


Hey John. Yes that DOES add protection and what you did is exactly what you should do.

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