Go profile and printing

am using an Epson 4800 with a Mac Pro (garbage can) with the latest version on Catalina. I am using the k7 Carbon inks with P2 version to print gloss and matte. My printing is going fine with the profiles and I use Canson baryta paper. I tried to use the Go profile and the printer took the paper, suction happened and it indicates it is printing and then spits out the paper. The Go profile I am using is P2-x800-x800 Gloss Master. What am I doing wrong ? Thank you for your help
Carl Quedenfeld

Hi Carl,

I run the same P2-Carbon setup on a 3880. The profile you are using is not for applying GO. You should be using one of the following: GO-15000, GO-20000, GO-25000, or GO-30000. The P2-x800-x880-GLOSS-Master and P2-x800-x880-MATTE-Master quads are for building new quads from scratch – not for applying GO.

The fact that you are even seeing those Master curves brings up another question. Are you using the older Black inks or the newer HD-Black inks? If the former, then you are using the correct Curve folder; but if the latter, you should be using Curves-HD > 4800-7800-9800-P2 which is optimized for HD black inks. This folder does not include the GLOSS and MATTE Masters but it does include a ReadMe file which tells you which GO curve to start with - GO-30000 - along with other useful info. This ReadMe file is absent in the standard (non-HD) Curve folders, but applies to them as well for the most part.

Look here for more info on how it works.