GO printing problem



We still have trouble with the GO-printing on our Epson 9900. Regardless of size or roll/sheet paper the GO printing only prints about half of the image. sometimes more, sometimes less.

This is a major issue and we can not figure this problem out for ourselfs.
We are currently using a mac mini stationary machine with osx 10.8. to print on, with a short USB cabel.
I have installed all the curves and qtr print tool correctly and the printing af the image itself is just fine now, but as I said
when we dry and refeed the image to be printed with GO, it starts up fine but stops suddenly without any errormessage on the printer OR in QTR.
If I test a small print, after restarting the MAC, it can print GO all over the image, and you think problem solved, and then only half again.

We are using the uk version from Epson, NOT US version, because the printer are for european market, can this be an issue?

Please advice.


Morten Qvale


Hi Morten~

I am currently working on testing this issue with our 7900 printer, and have discovered there is occasionally an issue printing GO with the new printer models.

In my effort to troubleshoot and find a solution for this problem, please let me know the paper and image size combinations you have printed, which printed correctly over the entire sheet and which stopped short.

Best regards~ Dana