Go printing problem

I do not know if my first post went through but I will try again. I am printing on my 4800 with Carbon P2 and when doing the GO printing it was doing fine and then all of sudden I noticed pink on the margins. First on the bottom and now all margins are pink. Any ideas ?
Carl Quedenfeld

Carl - do you have an PiezoFlush installed in your printer or have you recently?

No not recently but I had it in just when I installed the cartridges and took it out when using gloss. It printed fine for quite a few prints both large and small for gloss. Prior to putting the gloss system in the 4800 was sitting with cleaning carts. So I do not understand why it is pink on the margins all of sudden.

When you took the PiezoFlush out - and placed the GO in - did you run 3-4 POWER CLEANINGS to rid the printer of the PiezoFlush from the LLK channel and its ink lines and ink damper?

2nd issue may be workflow if PiezoFlush is just printing in the margins rather than on the margins and the image at the same time - that would indicate either a non-Gamma 2.2 workflow or that you are printing the GO by second printing the image file (which would not allow any GO to print other than in the margins) rather than using a white image file (RGB 255,255,255 at AdobeRGB 1998) as the image to print the second GO printing.

any or both of these possible?

Yes I did do 3 power cleans before putting the GO in After putting the GO in I did not do more power cleans I do not believe. But I did not notice any pink shade on the margins until several both large and small prints done successfully. As for the 2nd issue I am using a blank total white image for the GO second run on the print after letting the original print dry. On the large prints 17x22 is when it showed with first at the bottom margins of one print then subsequently all prints on all margins. It did also show my white image clipping or was larger than the printed area.

You did power cleans before putting the GO in but not after putting the GO in. So the GO is still behind the PiezoFlush that is in the ink lines and dampers. Because you did not do Power Cleans, the movement of GO through the PiezoFlush is totally via the mechanics of printing which is very slow and we suspect that these two fluids will exchange and you should see pink for some time into the future. The correct and best practice when you install GO is to Power Clean out the PiezoFlush so that the ink lines and ink dampers are completely free of PiezoFlush when you begin to use GO. Alternatively, you can print large sheets of GO using the GO curve until you see all traces of pink removed. The best practices method of the Power Clean will not allow the two fluids to sit and slowly interact. For example sucking out the Flush using the capping station during the Power Clean is quite different from allowing the GO to enter into the ink damper chamber slowly while printing (as it does not displace the PiezoFlush in that manner - it commingles with it.)

In any event - the only way to get pink is by printing it. So you want the GO line completely clear. Use a small white image about 1 inch square no matter the sheet size.

Ok got it. Use the GO LLK cartridge with power cleans and also print a GO print to see if pink is there

Hi Carl~

I’m just checking in to see how things are going, and what you discovered.

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana