Go printing problem

I have a 4800 and everything has been going fine with the P2 glossy printing. I just all of sudden noticed when printing my GO layer that I am getting pink on the margins. What is wrong ?
Carl Quedenfeld

Hi Carl~

Do you or have you ever had PiezoFlush installed in this printer?
Does pink only print in the margins, or over the image area as well?

Please let me know.
Thanks~ Dana

I had pizeo flush installed originally in the LLK slot and then put the GO cartridge in when I did power cleans. After you commented I did three power cleans with GO in the LLK slot. The pink is hard to tell if it is on the image but hardly noticeable if it is. More on the margins

Can you attached a scan or photo of the results you’re getting?

If you had PiezoFlush in the LLK channel, then installed GO and did a few power clean cycles, then you may be dealing with some residual piezoFlush that may have been in the ink line or damper (?). Please check your GO cart and the internal ink line- are the contents clear, or stained pink?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana