GO paper size - 1 inch not printed?

I don’t usually print on gloss so I’m new to the GO second-time-through method. Some confusion:

There are GO instructions on the Cone site that say using QTR “confirm that the paper page setup is the exact same as when the image was first printed. This is critical.”

But I just read a question here where someone noticed that GO did not print on the first/last 1" or so, and he was told to use a head and tail, meaning tape on a strip of paper at both ends and adjust the paper size accordingly.

I’m printing on a 3880. Is there a 1" non-printed band at the start and/or end of my paper? If so, is it exactly 1", or some other number?

Is there a list of common printers used for Piezo and whether they do/don’t need the lead/tail and how much for those that do?

Would the correct thing to do to get full coverage of the GO be to start with the actual paper, for example 8.5x11", add a 1" lead and tail, then do a custom paper size of 8.5x13" ?

And does it matter if paper is fed sheet or manual rear feed ?

I’m still hoping for an informed answer to this GO question. Somewhere I saw the non-print offset is .56", but still sure.