GO on Museo Silver Rag

I have just purchased a pack of Museo Silver Rag. Some time back, Jon suggested GO amounts for various papers but I haven’t been able to find them. Can you tell me the preferred number please.

Start with GO-30000 and go up from there.


I was hoping for something more specific than that, and Jon has given it in the past.

It’s dependent on a few things but we usually use GO-30000 more or less for this paper. A carbon ink may need more.

Inkset (what inkset do you have?)
Paper batch (Silver Rag has changed drastically over the years)

What I suggest is print few small prints and experiment.

You can also fine-tune the GO amount by simply opening the GO curve in a text editor and changing the one (30000) number you see under “# LLK Curve” to whatever you want (a larger number is more GO, lower number is less).


Thanks Walker. Here are the variables:

Inset: Neutral
Paper Batch: 1607701
Humidity: Roughly 61% inside, I could send you a slice of what it is outside
Printer: R2000 using P2

I’ll do the experiment and see. From memory, I can do multiple prints of GO so I can turn a 30K into a 40K by printing with 10K over the 30K.