GO layer border is uneven on one side

One of my piezography printers is a 7600 K6 setup that I’ve been using for years, and the prints always look amazing. But there’s always been one nagging problem I can’t overcome.

When I print the GO layer over a print, only three of the four borders are correct. On these three sides the gloss coat covers the print except for 1/8 inch. The fourth GO border ALWAYS prints wider than the others, usually 1/2 inch.

I’m using QTRip / QTRgui, and the images themselves always print with perfectly even borders (of any width I choose) regardless of the orientation, the image content, or the paper type.

It is only the GO layer that prints with one uneven border.

Until now I’ve just lived with it by printing on larger paper and trimming it down, or choosing frames with a larger rabbet that covers the one edge of the sheet where the GO did not print. That seems like a silly workaround that wastes paper and money on larger frames.

In case my attachment does not work, Here is an image of the problem:

Now, I know it’s not a problem with the inks (duh), but I’ve had no luck solving this.

Have any of you experienced this? Any clues would be immensely helpful.


This printer can’t print less than .56 inches at the bottom edge of a sheet because of the rollers and print-head design. (It’s a 45 degree roll printer after all.)

In fact, all large-format epson printers have this exact same issue . . .