Go curve printing ink

i have a 3800 with a 1 x clogged Magenta jet.
I have been printing Dig Negs successfully by remapping the ink from Magenta (shade 4) to LLK (GO) and visa versa with no problems, I figured a a blocked jet for the GO should not be any problems. My negs and prints are all good.

Tried today to print with a K7 Canson Baryta curve with a 129 step wedge for linearisation on Canson Baryta paper, (with the Magenta remapped to LLK and visa versa). Step wedge looks pretty good so blow dried and printed the GO curve (remapping LLK GO to Magenta channel) and I get ink printed out?
Tried several times, double checking the file in notepad all other inks at zero. Even made a GO curve with all channel and all values at zero., this again printed ink?
Any ideas whats going on? My white image is Adobe RGB and pure white (255,255,255)
thanks, Stuart

Another look after a nights sleep and i found the problem. When remapping i must have deleted a line in the Magenta so the file awas one row short. Note to self, need to check each .quad file is 2057 rows.

So a missing line/ value anywhere in the quad file affects the last channel LLK in this case and is interpreted as 100% ink