GO Agitation



Hi Dana,

One of the other threads here prompted a question regarding GO.

To keep Piezo inks properly in suspension, my practice is to, at least once a week, individually remove each cart and gently agitate it. I also do that to each of my bottles of ink.

With GO, I remove the cart to verify its level, but [B]don’t[/B] agitate it, as (presumably) there is nothing within it to be maintained in suspension. Can you please confirm that that is correct?

Thanks for a truly exceptional product. I always look forward to the couple hours a day I spend making prints.



There is something in it - several things, actually. So, it needs agitating - just not as often as pigment ink does.


A related question is can GO clog? I asked this once, and I think it was Tyler Boley who said that it had happened to him, but only once IIRC. So it’s possible, but rare.


Possible, but very rare.


Thanks, Jon. I’m glad I asked!