Glossy curves for R2880

Hi Dana, John

Do you have other curves than the epson exhibition and John Cole for the Epson 2880 K7?
I want to test again with glossy ink on baryta papers because customers are asking.

Thanks already!


yes we do.

There are several for the 2880 there. BUt you can also use any of the X800 or X880 printer curves for the R2880. THey are compatible.

Thanks Jon, I’ll buy some and start to test again.

Best regards

You can’t buy them! They’re free! You just click on the download buttons and install them!

Hi Jon,

I mean buying the Hahnemuhle paper… :wink:

I just printed a test file on 3 different Hahnemuhle papers with the correct curves for every paper that I’ve downloaded.

Regarding the GO overprint, do I need to use the GO curve provided for the printermodel I’ve print on(r2880) or use the GO curve that’s included in the curve folder(I’m using a curve from the 3880 and 4800) that I’ve downloaded?

Thanks already!


The R2400, R2880, 3800/3880, 4800, 4880, 7800/9800, 7880/9880 and 7890/9890 all use the same curve for using GO in the LLK channel. The GO curve is a base of 30,000 units, which we determined works well after testing many different papers (to make it easy with one GO curve that works with many papers), though some papers benefit from slightly more or less, so we have instructed people how to edit the GO curve to apply different amounts of GO if they wish to experiment with different papers and amounts of GO.

Happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana, I have the 30K GO curve but would like the source (i.e. text file) and instructions on how to modify the amount laid down. I want to experiment with some different papers and amounts of GO. thanks!