Gloss Optimizer

when printing on bartya papers is the Gloss Optimizer step a must?

what happens if one does not use GO?

thank you

Gloss Overprint is necessary to achieve optimal results when printing Piezography gloss on any gloss, semi-gloss, baryta, pearl, satin, etc… paper surface. GO greatly increases the dMax, eliminates bronzing and gloss differential, and adds a protective layer over the print.

~Dana :slight_smile:

will the print look “off” or “strange” without the GO?

does it take the printer the same amount of time to apply GO to a print as it would to lay down ink?

The print will look “off” without the GO. The curves are designed to work with the GO. Application of the GO should be quicker than the initial printing.


You want the GO on surface papers, and the print time is faster than the ink layer as it’s printed in 1440 BI-D only…