Gloss Optimizer curve

I have a 9800 with Peizo carbon inkset. The eighth channel has gloss optimizer. I also have both StudioPrint 14 and QTR. I know how to print one channel in StudioPrint but I do not know what values to apply or how to create a “curve” for only the GLOP. Please help

Hi Joel,

Did you read the Piezography Manual Chapter 8 Glossy and Baryta Printing?

We only provide direct support for GO printing with QTR, and we provide GO curves and instructions for their use.



Page 50 (Section 7, Part 8) of The Piezography Manual 2016 v2 edition downloadable here: Piezography Community Edition | Piezography


I received the new Pro inks last fall and am finally able to install them this weekend. Doing a piezoflush now and went to download the manual to read but I keep getting an error message at the 99% stage saying that the .zip can’t be found and it stops the download. I read that the new ink set doesn’t require a separate pass as the old ink set did but I was looking to see if the new glop (like the original) could be run via the original QT curve on color prints from my other 4800-I have two, one for Cone Color & the other for Piezography. I’m running a PC w/windows 7-64.

Are you downloading the PC or Mac version of the community edition?


I tried to down load the PC version. Using latest version of Internet Explorer

Please download again. You may have had an internet connection issue during the download.

I just tested with both IE and Chrome and it worked.


I’ll try again when I get home later this afternoon.