Gloss Optimizer Coverage


Dana - I am having a problem when using the gloss optimizer on an Epson 7900. It’s not really the optimizer, per se, it’s how much of the print gets covered by the GO. I have had this problem before.

This last weekend I printed out two glossy inks prints using paper approximately 24X42 inches. Since that is not a standard size I entered those dimensions in the system. The first print was properly covered with GO.

I put in print no. 2 of exactly the same size. The gloss optimizer only printed about 9 inches before quitting. I double checked the dimensions to see If I had accidentally changed the setting. I hadn’t changed anything. I tried again. Attempt no. 2 covered the same 9 inches!

I decided to try and fool the program and make it think it was doing something different. I changed the dimensions to 24X41. It printed about 14 inches of gloss optimized print before ending - about a five inch gain. I then turned off the QTR program, restarted it and then tried again. It again printed about 14 inches. I put in a sheet of 8.5X11 paper. It covered the sheet just fine!

Patting myself on my back for curing the problem, I then put in the large custom sized print back in the machine. I set in the dimensions of 24X41 and hit print. It only covered about 14 inches before quitting.

I then quit the program and decided maybe doing a “restart” on my computer would create the cure by wiping out any “bad” data in RAM. I decided to try a 13X19 sheet of paper. It worked just fine and completely covered the sheet.

My thought was maybe the custom size was creating the problem so I used a standard 24X36 inch print size. I did this because every previous time I used the standard sizes GO worked great and covered the size selected.

As you might surmise from my long missive requesting assistance is that the 24X36 standard size did not cover 24X36. It only printed about 14 inches before quitting. Custom or standard sizes did make any difference on big prints. The first big print GOd just fine in custom size. Print No. 2 as just a disaster. Standard size was therefore no cure. I had the same problem before using 13X19 or 17X22 sheets - partial coverage only. It sort of cured itself, though. Why? I don’t know.

Any suggestions for a cure? Having a problem like this on a large print is proving to be a pricey problem.


Steve Malshuk


Hi Steve~

This is a very frustrating problem, that is caused by the printer’s paper sensor detecting what it thinks is the end of the paper, and stops printing. I have spent many hours testing this issue, working with many users, and had a lengthy conversation with Epson service. What is most frustrating, and you have experienced, is the problem is not consistent- sometimes it prints over the whole sheet without any problems, and sometimes it stops short, and we can’t duplicate the results or find a solution to trick the printer into consistently printing over the entire sheet every time. Some people have had good results by leaving 2-3" white paper margins around the image, so the printer always “sees” the side strips of white while printing, but this doesn’t always give positive results. Epson service explained they’ve received many complaints, and their only solution was to buy a new S-series printer, which is designed to print over an existing print (but these printers are MUCH more expensive, and I don’t feel buying a new printer is a good solution). Unfortunately, the sensor can’t be removed or disabled, and is unique to the x900 and x890 printer models- this wasn’t an issue with previous or future models…

We’ve had lengthy group conversations on other threads on this forum trying to put our heads together to find a solution, and there were many good suggestions, but no consistent/solid “fix”. You can read other threads about this topic here:

What margins are you leaving around your images? Are your prints dark overall, or variable density?

I wish I had a good solution for you…
Please keep me posted, and let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Best regards~ Dana


The margins were 2 inches on each side and about 8 inches on each end. When I tried GOing on one end of the print it stopped about one-half inch before the actual print started. In short, it printed on the white part just fine. When I attempted to print using GO in the other direction, it would always go 4 or 5 inches into the print before stopping.

I will need to check on how dark the print was where it GO’d into the actual image. Ditto for where it stopped before actually hitting the print.




Thanks for the additional information Steve.
How is your printer connected to your computer?
What settings are you using to print GO?
Are you printing from Mac or PC? What operating system and QTR version?
What paper(s) are you printing on?
Are you printing with room lights on or off?

Please keep me posted.
Best regards~ Dana


The printer goes directly into the computer.
Settings: the GO ICC profile, 1440, 7900 printer, set paper size for size of paper, set whether it is sheet or roll, use glossy paper.
Print with a PC.
Print with Type 5 most of time. Have tried Canson Baryta.
The lights are on except over the 7900 printer which is next to my monitor. I have unscrewed the light bulb above my monitor and printer. Should I screw it in to give the printer more light?


Thanks Steve.
How does the printer go directly into the computer- is it connected USB, eithernet, etc?
It sounds like you are doing everything correctly (which I assumed, but still wanted to check your workflow)
I don’t believe light effects the paper sensor that causes inconsistent GO printing, but I’m gathering all possibly relevant information just in case it helps me find a connection…


Fix here: Gloss Overprint for Epson 7900 not printing the whole sheet