Getting the NO CARTRIDGE INSTALL INK CARTRIDGE message on my 7800

Bought Cone ink and carts from you a couple years ago. Last week, finally got around to filling the carts and installing them.

Printer is a Stylus 7800

Before I started, all OEM Epson cartridges were registering properly (ie, the 7800 recognized them).

First I removed the OEM carts.

Then I installed the filled aftermarket cartridges, all which registered properly, except for Magenta.

When I encountered the Magenta aftermarket cart problem, I removed it and reinserted the OEM cartridge. (I prayed it was just a problem with the OEM cartridge.) Unfortunately, the OEM cartridge that seconds before was seen by the 7800 was now no longer recognized. It seems like the act of inserting the aftermarket cartridge created the issue, but there was no evidence of a broken sensor inside the magenta slot. I photographed the inside of the cartridge slot on a working color and compared it to the non-working Magenta slot … no apparent difference … no missing contact wires, no broken pieces, nothing unusual.

What should the next step be?

I looked up your order history and see you purchased Cone Color inks three years ago, so it’s at least a year past expiration, and not a good idea to use…

Regarding your cartridge error, what is the exact error message displayed on your printer’s LCD panel?

“No cartridge. Install ink cartridge”.

I see that now in your title, sorry for missing that last night when I responded. Unfortunately, the error you’re getting and the fact that it won’t recognize any cart now, likely means the original wire sensor is damaged (which is very easy to do, since they’re made of very thin wires). The replacement sensors cost less than $2 and are made of solid metal, so they are stronger than the ones that originally come in the machine.

Well, obviously it was your refillable cartridge that caused the problem. This was the first time the cart was used. I’ve had the printer since 2002, replaced ink carts dozens of times, and it wasn’t until your cart entered the slot that my expensive problems began. I certainly didn’t do anything unusual as I inserted it (not sure how there is even a “wrong” way to insert it).

As for the $2 replacement sensor, replacing it is by all accounts a drawn out nightmare for an average user, as you know and forgot to mention. I have spent some time with the service manual, and this is not something I can competently do. The $2 replacement sensor required by using your refillable cartridge appears that it will cost me $200-300 in service tech time, not to mention lugging a 100lb printer to the repair shop.

Thanks for everything. I’m screwed.

Dear Nhajjar. I’ll will private message you in a bit when I’m physically at work and we can sort this out.

Basically, both early and late versions of the 9800 had a sensor design defect. The sensors contain wires that bend easily. The replacement part (mentioned above) and all other sensors in Epson printers since the early 9880 series are made out of metal disks (instead of wires) that do not bend.

Over 12 years of printing with the x800 and x880 printers as a printmaker before coming to work at IJM I’ve bent over 8 sensors wires (half with OEM carts and half with IJM carts). It’s gotten to the point where if I buy an x880 printer with this type of sensor I switch out the sensors for the new ones right away no matter if I’m using OEM or not.

Unfortunately, sometimes a sensor is miss-aligned on a cartridge and this can effect it’s placement in the printer and bend a wire. We mention this in the instructions as something to look out for. Also, if a cartridge is very tight as it goes into the printer this could cause issues. We replace any cartridge that is defective!

I’ll PM you in a few hrs when I’m at work.


Thanks, but never got a PM. Tech came out and repaired ($$$!!!$$$) the broken sensor. Printer works again, but now the light magenta cart is not recognized by the 7800. An Epson OEM light magenta cart IS recognized, so at least I know the trouble is with your aftermarket cart, not the printer. Sent away for a chip resetter, which arrived today, with the hope that that was all that was needed. Unfortunately, the cart is still not recognized by the printer after the chip reset. What happens now? Do you send me a new chip? Do I get a new cart? And how do I accelerate the process?

LM cart shipping out to you tomorrow. It’s a new design with a better fit.

I apologize for the delay.


Thanks Walker. What do you recommend for transferring the ink in the old cart to the new cart?

You can either use a syringe (with priming tip) and pull it out of the front of the cartridge.

You you can simply pour it out the inlet hole through a funnel into the new cart.


Cart arrived today. Getting closer!

A few issues.

First, not sure if this is a problem, but the cart did not come with an orange plug covering the exit valve.

Second, I need syringes. I discarded my syringes after the last fill. And unfortunately, the tech who fixed my printer seemed to think there was problem with the pressure in the carts, so he errantly released the pressure from ALL my carts by popping the stopper on each of them. So now I need to buy a set of 9 syringes (is this true? Note: the new cart you sent me was the “bag type”, the other carts are the “non bag type”. Not sure this affects the need to “re-prime”). I do not see where syringes are on your website. (I saw in the new instructions that it was OK to save the same color syringes for reuse, but the original instructions that came with the carts did not say that, so assumed they were to be disposed to prevent contamination).

Third, there was no “o-ring” shipped with the cart.

Found the syringes on line. ordered them.