G.O. makes Photo Black look dull or matte finish?



On a 21 step tablet, the last black (#21) I assume calls in the Photo Black (K7 Selenium) on glossy surfaces like a luster.

The steps look good at an oblique angle, but when the G.O. goes on, the #21 black seems to get duller like it sucked up the GO? Rest of steps look fine and shiny from the G.O. just that last black looks dull and flat.

Does this mean I need to use more G.O. or maybe a second pass later after the first layer of G.O. goes on? Lacquer spray afterwards?




Some glossy papers work well with one coat of 30,000 GO, but others work better with either two coats of 30,000- or one coat of a higher amount, such as 40 or 50K. We include information about how to edit GO curves in our Piezography manual.
What specific curve(s) and paper(s) are you using?

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: