Future Availability Of K7 Ink Sets

I may have to replace my trusty old Epson 7600, the printer with which I first applied and learned Piezography printing. I have a line on a replacement but when I looked at the supported printers list, I note that K7 ink sets are to be discontinued at the end of 2022. I seem to recall a newsletter, perhaps from last year, in which Jon said that K7 ink sets would be continued but perhaps made available only once or twice a year. I cannot find the newsletter. Please advise the latest on future availability of K7 inks. Thank you.

Seems kinda important to know. Can you post the quote from the newsletter?

I checked in with Jon recently and he said they were very busy, as in lots of business. Which is great! It would be odd, then, to be limiting or eliminating a major product line. But we deserve to know if that will be happening, as many of us have our businesses dependent on those products.

This is from the March 7, 2022 Newsletter

"When we initially announced more than a year ago we were going to discontinue Piezography K6, K7 and P2 inks and only continue to produce Piezography Pro inks we heard back nearly a peep. But, when I repeated this a few months ago in our newsletter we were besieged with responses. While many of you do not buy as often, there really still remains many users of these inks and die hard at that!

So, we have decided to continue producing K7 inks.

But, we will move into a formulation on demand later this year. We will continue to offer the inks and once or twice a year offer them as a reserved formulation. This means please pay attention to our newsletters and our website. The next time we formulate it will only be enough to serve those who wish to pre-buy the inks. If for example, we do this in November we will do it again the following May and then again the following November - though this is not the exact schedule.

Should we run out of any one position in the meantime, you will need wait until one of these formulation sessions where you can pre-buy what you need and it will be delivered when the formulation and bottling is complete. This also means that you while you do not need to hoard ink, you do need to stay vigilant over your supply.

In the meantime, to prevent bringing in new K7 customers which would dwindle our supply, we have removed sets and new systems from the store and are only offering single bottles to existing customers."

Thank you for finding the newsletter. I had also addressed an email to customer support and received a response from Walker, “ Dear Norman, although we are slowly retiring the 60, 110, 350, and 700mL bottles of “classic” K7, we are continuing to stock 220mL bottles through 2023 and probably 2024 (and longer).”
I suppose that for users who print a lot, the absence of the larger bottles will be something of a nuisance but at least it will be available for awhile.

Do we know the upgrade path for users of K7?

This is my second version of a Cone greyscale ‘forever system’ to reproduce my work. Now I need to adapt to a third. Innovation is great, but so is a POD business when you don’t have unlimited funds to produce entire edition sets for all artworks offered for collectors. But an edition needs to be consistent.

I’m stressed.