Funky Output on QTR Ink Pattern (Separation) Page



I had the 4880 down for about 6 weeks while I was away. I had run a power cleaning twice with Piezo flush before shutting down. When reactivated the printer with K7 inks and 2 power flushes, I printed the ink separation page and got funky results. I make several prints of previously printed picture and they looked the same. The nozzle check look normal with no missing nozzles.
What do you think is going on? Are the dampers shot or is it the head gone? Suggestions.
I’m on a Mac running High Sierra 10-13-1 and using the Print Tool.
Three images attached.

Close up QTR Ink Pattern Page, Calibration Mode (1 of 1)-2.jpg
Grayscale Linearization (1 of 1).jpg
QTR Ink Pattern Page, Calibration Mode (1 of 1).jpg![QTR Ink Pattern Page, Calibration Mode (1 of 1)|700x536](upload://56pR7e5ML2z46lbKXF5SEEhSGmf


This could be an issue with the most recent version of Mac OS and calibration mode. I have not upgraded yet. So far nobody has mentioned issues, but it doesn’t look like it’s touching the normal print modes.