Hi Dana-Since last time, I cleaned the heads using the towel method you described except I used windex as the cleaning solution. I then ran a nozzle check from the computer as I have always done in the past. The print head moved back and forth several times but, instead of printing a row of colors, it ejected the paper. I redid the procedure and had the same results.What happened and what should I do now?


I hope you can answer me today


Hi Frank~

I was out sick on Friday, so just re-read your past posts to remember your situation.

Did you do any cleaning cycles after cleaning the print head? We don’t recommend using ammonia cleaners on the print head…
Are the vent holes open on your refillable carts for proper ink flow?
Have you shut down both your printer and computer, then restarted and tried printing a nozzle check?

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile: