From LR4 to QTR

I forgot how to move a file, after completing it in LR4 Develop, into the QuadToneRIP Gaphical Interface for Piezography printing. Also how/where to hit the “print” command. I would like to see step by step instructions , I’m not computer friendly…
I have Windows10, Epson3880.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Export the file as .tiff from Lightroom (Ctrl-Click, Export).
  2. Open QTRGUI.
  3. Go to Options and make sure Autoprint is off (it is on by default).
  4. Drag and drop your image into the small rectangle on the top right of the GUI.

These instructions are also in The Piezography Manual that comes with the curve archive that you can download here:


Thanks! I see now that I was trying to find the info in the 06/30/14 version of the Manual!