From K7 Special Edition to Digital Negative



Hi, I’m using a R3000 that from the beginning was installed with a set of K7 Special edition inks (matte only), it’s working flawlessly and the prints are just wonderful.

Now I’m developing an interest in platinum/palladium prints and I would like to make my own negatives with Piezography inks, while mantaining the ability to do positive prints with a reduced K6 set.
What I’m wondering is if I have to substitute the entire cartridge set or if I could buy only the specific shades…

Thanks and greetings from Italy!


Read in the new manual about

Piezography2 Digital Negative and Print System: A new K6 / digital negative

You can adapt it to the R3000.


Thanks Jon, I didn’t noticed that part in the manual, it’s actually pretty simple, all I have to do is add 2.5 and 4.5 shades in place of shade 7 and piezo flush.

But I was wondering if it will be ok to use carbon shade 2 and special edition shade 3 to print with methodology 3 curves…


It should be ok - there may be some slight density difference but not disrupting.

You will not be able to use K7 curves.
You must use the P2 curves linked to in the Manual.
Also - you MUST use Pictorico OHP and Ultra is best
all other brands of film can not hold the amount of ink in a Piezography digital neg curve.


Since I’m using the Hanehmule Photo Rag paper, the P2 system will work fine for me.
I even just found an italian reseller for the Pictorico OHP film.

Thanks again Jon