FREE + Shipping - Refillable Cartridges Set for 7890, 9890, 7900, 9900 with Piezoflush - TAKEN

I have a complete set of InkjetMall refillable 350ml cartridges for the X890, X900 series of Epson printers which were loaded with Piezoflush and used for flushing my 7900 (now decommissioned) when I initially converted the printer to Piezography. The set includes 11 carts with the following chips installed: C, OR, Y, LC, Mk, Pk, M, Lk, Gr, LLk, Lm. The OR and GR carts are about 3/4 full with Piezoflush; all other carts have a small amount of Piezoflush.

These carts can be used as flushing/cleaning carts (just top off with Piezoflush as needed), or cleaned out with distilled water and then used with Piezography inks or any other pigment or dye inks. You will need a chip resetter (widely available) when refilling the carts. Each cart is complete and includes the chip, plug for the fill hole, and orange plug for the air inlet port (which you must remove before installing in the printer).

These carts are in excellent condition. I’d like to get them to someone who can use them rather than discard them. I’m offering them for FREE and ask only that any shipping cost be covered. I will ship only to the U.S. via UPS Ground. If you are in the Washington, D.C. metro area, pickup could also be an option.

Send me a PM if you have any questions or wish to take the offer.


Normally we do not allow the distribution of ink carts/bottles in any form (free or otherwise) on this forum without them being connected to an actual printer but if this can help someone recover a printer or convert a printer I’m down for it so gonna keep this on the forum.

If this were inks (not PF) I would ask that you post elsewhere.

warmest regards

OK, got it. Sorry I wasn’t aware of the policy. Thanks.