Free for parts: Two Epson Artisan 1430s with two CISS (dye and sub)

Neither of these is currently working.

One I used successfully for about 5 years, and just recently, for no reason I could nail down, started printing everything except absolutely pure colors with a touch of blue. Grayscale prints were almost entirely shades of blue. Wasn’t the computer or printer driver. Inks were correct colors in their CISS tanks, no leakage anywhere, print quality was perfect, just wrong color. Was beginning to think it was either the printhead or the control board. Was in the process of trying out a spare (never used) print head when it froze in the middle of trying to print. All lights turned off, and it now emits a soft, high-pitched beep. Will not turn back on. Beeping stops if you unplug it, starts back up when plugged in. Seemed to purge ink or lose pressure right as it died.

Second printer I got off eBay shortly after they were discontinued. It was not working, but looked like it had never been used at all, so I took a chance. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to recognize all 6 cartridges at the same time. It would always refuse to recognize the last cartridge that was inserted, didn’t matter which one it was. Replaced ribbon cables, swapped in working print head and chip reader, nothing changed. Wanted to replace the control board, but then the chip shortage hit.

I’m in Fargo, ND. I also have a dye ink CISS and sub ink CISS for these models that have always worked fine. I could possibly drive them to Minneapolis at some point. If they aren’t good for parts for anyone, I’ll end up recycling them.