Four- Epson Pro 4000 Printers for Free!

I have Four 4000’s that I wish to dispose of as a lot for free. I will deliver up to 150 miles from Mpls., Mn. or, almost anywhere in the State of Wisconsin. These printers were all built in 2004 and are in varied condition as noted. This summary is what I gathered from the Printer Status Report for the remaining life of individual parts. Each notation is a number of stars out of 5 as noted by Epson. These are the abbreviations for the items Epson noted in the Status Report: Cutter Life: CL, CR Motor: CR, PF Motor: PF, Head, Cleaner: C, and Total Prints: TP.
Serial #E29013802: CL-5, CR-5, PF-5,Head-5, C-4, TP-470. Magenta Channel is blocked.
#E29021412: CL-5, CR-4, PF-2, Head-5, C-3, TP-9750. Fully Clear Nozzle Checks.
#E29022456: CL-5, CR-1, PF-3, Head-5, C-5, TP- 3800. Yellow +L Cyan Channels blocked.
#E29020369: CL-5, CR-2, PF-3, Head-5, C-3, TP-7400. Fully Clear Nozzle Checks.
These might be good candidates for mixing and matching parts or Piezo printers. Contact me ( ornault at gmail ) if you’d like further information or discuss your plans to take on this project. Timing on delivery may not be immediate but, we can discuss that. If there is no interest by the end of May, they will be recycled locally. Thank you!

They have all found a home on the shores of Lake Michigan! Thanks to all for your responses. OA

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