Forgot to remove the air vent plug on black ink




I managed to forget to remove the air vent plug on the glossy black R3000 ink cart. I printed a page and in the middle of the page the black stopped printing. I realized my mistake and removed the air vent plug. Now the glossy and matte black does not print. My matte black is an original epson cart.

I tried to make a custom black with Quadtonerip. I have also tried head cleaning.
The first test prints had some grey, then nothing. Completely white.

Is there anything to try? I have a PiezoFlush.


I recommend you try printing pure ink thru QTR calibration mode to purge air from your black line, by following our instructions here:
(the instructions you need are at the bottom of this article, tilted “Flush Individual Channel Using QTR Calibration Mode”)
I hope this helps, best regards~ Dana


I have tried this with no luck. If I let the printer sit for a couple of hours it starts to print light grey then after half a page nothing.

Printing a black page from photoshop does provide a white page.


How many cleaning cycles did you do? How many black pages did you try to print thru QTR calibration mode? If these things haven’t brought the black back, then you may want to try an ink charge using the Adjustment Program.