Forbidden Media?

Ok, a bit of background. I print only on Canson paper (cut sheets) on an Epson 4800. Had a new head installed last June(2018). Running PS & LR(latest updates) in WIN 10 (64bit). Everything was fine a couple of weeks ago when I printed a few prints as presents. Then last weekend, I was all set to print and the printer wouldn’t accept the paper. The LCD on the printer alternated between “Forbidden Media From P. Tray” and “Feed Sheet Paper Manually”. I shut everything down and started over with the same result. So this morning I took the printer in to the repair place that replaced the head. (Computer Labs - they are an authorized Epson large format repair firm). They just called and said that they could find nothing wrong! Cycled on and off, ran prints, etc. No message on the printer LCD screen or anything. could the slight jarring of the trip to the company jarred something to make it run the way it should? Or is this an issue with the new updates that I PS & LR automatically do with the Adobe Photographers subscription?

This indicates a failed sensor as this is the only thing that could cause the problem. Most likely something is miss-connected from the sensor to the main board or from the print-head paper width sensor to the print head carriage board (more likely). Does the printer through this error after the paper is loaded and is getting sense’d by the head? If so, turn off the “paper size sensor” from the control panel and see if this clears the error.


Thank you Walker for the information. I’m wondering if the trip to computer Labs jarred something into place then. Not sure of your last sentence though. “Does the printer through this error after the paper is loaded.…”
Although I had (initially) a sheet of 17 x 22 loaded, it was never picked up to go through in the first place. When I went through the printer set up in both PS & LR in the print dialog and set up printer with all the info (I’ve been printing for over 12 years so i always check my settings) I always have Print Preview checked. When I see the image in the preview I click on print. That’s when the messages appeared on the printers LCD screen. The paper is not even picked up and sent through to be checked for size or alignment although the print que states that the document is printing.

Pre-load your sheet from the top sheet feed slot (hit the down arrow with the paper inserted ready to load).

Then print with top feed selected. If this doesn’t work something is wrong somewhere deeper.