For Sale but needs work: R3000 with Cone Cartridges

Over the past several months I have replaced all the stock ink cartridges in my R3000 with Cone cartridges and Cone Pro Inks. Last month the mechanism that allows the printer to switch between matte and photo black broke after I switched from matte to photo (which I hadn’t done in quite a while). I’m not up for repairing it, so I am putting this sick puppy up for sale. All the nine nearly-full, nearly-new Cone Cartridges are included along with the printer and nine 110ml bottles of ink. I should add that this printer is about 4 years old and was not heavily used. I am primarily a graphic designer and used it in my business from time to time, mostly on matte black. Let me know if you are interested. I’d like to get $250 for everything.

Two questions: How old are the inks, and which of the Cone inks are these?

I started switching from the standard Epson inks in May of this year, purchasing cartridges and inks as I needed them. I completed the transition in mid-June. I was jazzed because they performed so well! They are Cone Color Pro Pigment Inks. They have yet to be re-filled. All of them are quite full as I only made about 10 prints with this set.