For MacOS 64-bit QTR and Piezography

With the looming advent of MacOS Catalina and its (apparent) complete shutdown of 32-bit binaries, what are my options for upgrading this code?

It does not appear that either 2.0.4 or 3.0.1 are compiled for 64-bit, or if so they don’t say that.

Not sure how you are reaching that conclusion, but if you go to the software part of your system profiler you can see what is 64-bit and what isn’t. About This Mac > System Report > Software > Applications - rightmost column is 64-bit.

Other than the QTR-CurveView app, all of QTR and Piezography are 64-bit.


ColorPort is 32 only but i1profiler will work perfectly in its place for those who do upgrade.

If you have an old Spectro like a dtp70 this version of macos will not be compatible but that is it. i1pro v1 and 2 etc will still be.


When I print something after reboot, I get a “this needs to be updated” message, exactly the one that shows up about 32-bit, although I’m not entirely sure that it says “32-bit”.

Print-Tool is also 64-bit so that shouldn’t be a problem either. Maybe post your exact printing workflow with a screenshot of the error message.

And as Walker pointed out, ColorPort won’t be supported (ever), and neither will the latest version of SpyderPrint (5.0.2) that works with my SpyderPrint3 spectro.