Flushing of black nozzles only


I have an Epson 9900 With partially clogged nozzles in the PM/MK channel. I have bought flush solution plus the PK cartridge. I Wonder if I could just do a black ink changeout from MK to PK, leave it overnight, and then do a PK to MK ink changeout?



I think that that is a good idea. If you have only been printing with MK or PK and the printer begins to sit with one black unused - then it begins to solidify above the exchanger. On the other hand if you are having an issue with the print channel itself (where both MK and PK print through) - this still can work. It may take several black ink changes and sitting to clear - but its worth the try and it will preserve the inks that are in the remaining positions. You may need to do powerful paired cleanings to bring the PiezoFlush to the black channel - but do not do too many in a row. [B]The INITIAL FILL is always the best route of pulling PiezoFlush through the print head - and you might want to use that as a last resort in this case.[/B]

Please let us know how the black ink changes with PiezoFlush installed in both the PK and MK work for you. Once you restore to ink - you will need to do a number of black ink changes to restore to black inks again. Unfortunately, we have not tried this and we do not know how many black ink changes will be required.


The Nozzles in the black channels are still clogged. I have done this: Replaced the PK cartridge with a flush cartridge. Ink initiation. Left over the weekend. Changed between MK and PK a couple of times. Done a single channel print via QuadToneRip. Done nozzle checks. Changed from PK to MP. Single channel via QuadToneRip. Changed from MP to PK. Single channel etc … No improvement what so ever. Only lots of stripy A4 prints. Note: I have only installed PiezoFlush in the PK slot.


If you were plugged and you ran the INIT FILL it just would move flush to the obstruction. Letting it soak is good - but you may hot have broken through (which the 3 POWER CLEANS might help with.) You can not really print through a plug. No suction is applied from the other end (printing end). INIT and Power Cleans produce suction. You sound ready to give up - so no harm in following up with INIT FILLS or Power Cleans to try and suck through it. If it does not work, the ink exchanger is supposed to be changed annually according to Epson. No one ever does - but its easy to see why they suggest it in order to avoid this. Let us know your progress!


Hi Jon

Thanks for your kind answer. I’ll just re-insert the PK cartridge and do a init fill + a power clean. I’m afraid I haven’t noticed Epson’s advise to replace the exchanger annually. Do you think that will solve my problems? It is at least less expensive than changing the entire printer head.