Flushing nozzles on R18000 unusal problem

Using the flush cleaning kit, something happens that doesn’t seem right. Mild pumping one ml of cleaning solution into the cleaning cartridge and I got solution squirting out of the other ink ports. Is this normal? I would think that there should be no connection between the ports.

I have another R1800 printer with one plugged nozzle and pumping solution into a port does not have the same effect.

Nicholas Geti

no, the ports are (should be) all separate… the only way I think flush could come out the other ports is if it saturated the paper towel underneath, and came back up the other channels (which I’ve never heard of happening nor can imagine happening), or there was a solid blockage in the channel, and you pushed too hard, causing the seal between other channels to blow. Was there any resistance when you injected the PiezoFlush? We no longer have a R1800 for me to check specifically, but I don’t recall ever seeing flush come out the other channels when flushing with our print head cleaning kit, so I don’t know if it’s normal for this printer, or it’s a sign something is broken…
Why are you using the print head cleaning kit- is your print head clogged, or did you just ant to flush it out?


I was very careful not to push too hard on the syringe because of previous warnings about it. I bought this printer on eBay and after complaining about all of the colors being clogged, the user said he hadn’t used it since April, 2014 and not all of the cartridges were in place when I got it.

At least you confirmed my suspicions. As I stated earlier I have another R1800 printer that developed a fatal error condition but at least the nozzles work. In that one the flush does not squirt out of the other nozzles.

I don’t know how seals work between colors but I am wondering if replacing the manifold (the part with the ink ports) would work. I have the R1800 manual which shows replacing the manifold is not too difficult.

Well, if you have a R1800 with a good head, then you can transfer that print head into the new one you got that has a bad head. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with a R1800 printer, but believe it’s similar to other desktop printers, with 2-3 screws holding the print head in place, and a ribbon cable that connects on the right side. If you take care handling the head and ribbon cable, I suspect you’ll have good results after getting the good head into the good printer.

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile: