Flush of an EPSON 9600

Hello. I hope you can help.

My EPSON 9600 Ultrachrome was having a re-occurring clogging issue that was evident in the print head tests. After a series of cleanings I would get it to start printing but only have the problem re-occur the next day. As the ink system has never been flushed on the printer I thought it was time to do a complete cleaning. I ordered the PiezoFlush product and made use of empty carts to complete the flush. I followed the initial fill process and everything appeared to start off great. The PF product was pushing into the ink tubes and I got a maintenance tank full of ink. So with that I thought everything was going well. I left the material sit in the system for a couple of days to help break down any remaining ink product in the system.

After letting it soak for a couple of days I was starting the process of testing the printer to see what kind of results I was getting with the PF product. I completed a test page of the 7 primary colors and Magenta was the only one to print. I had nothing from any of the other colors. I have made sure the cart are primed and that the vents were left open. For the most part it appears that the tubes are free of air except for the LT Cyan that has a huge air pocket in it. I have re-tried the initial fill cycle to see if it would move any ink with no success. Repeating the ink print test I can see the air pocket in the LT Cyan tube move back and forth but not flow.

I had submitted an email in to your online chat system and received a quick reply from Jon stating the following:

if your cart vents are open and if your carts are primed and air is not preventing the ink from leaving the cart because the ink channels are full of air - then this means that your pump in the capping station is not drawing the ink. IF you tried an INIT FILL and nothing is happening - I suspect the pump in the capping station is not drawing ink.

As I am getting at least one color to print would the issue still be with the pump in the capping station? I thought it may be the dampers based on my research. I thought the flush may have pushed a bunch of residue in to dampers and clogging them. Before completing the flush I was really only having problems with two ink colors clogging. Now I an issue with six of them.

Any help you can offer to help diagnose the issue would be most appreciated.



After reviewing your order history, I see you recently purchased a bottle of PiezoFlush from us.
What cartridges are you using with our PiezoFlush fluid in your 9600 printer?
What inks were previously installed in this printer?
When was the printer last used and printing all channels well?

Based on what you wrote, I suspect you may be dealing with clogged dampers, and possibly a dried print head as well. At the very least, I recommend you try getting your printer working again by replacing all seven dampers, then flush the print head while the dampers are disconnected (using our print head cleaning kit and following the included instructions). Thoroughly clean the printer’s capping station, wiper blade, flushing box and bottom of the print head following our instructions. Prime the dampers and reattach the set of dampers to the print head, and do a few cleaning cycles before printing a nozzle check to see how things look.

I wish you luck getting this printer cleaned and back in good working condition.
All the best~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hello Dana,

Thanks for the reply. The answers to your questions are as follows:

The carts I used are generic empty carts that I had.

I was using genuine Epson Ultrachrome inks prior to the flush.

It has been at least a couple of months since I have had a decent print. Prior to the flush I was having an issue with two colors. One that was nearly completely clogged and another that was missing some jets. Outside of that the printer has been running very well.

I will look into your recommendations. Thanks for your insight.

You referenced a printhead cleaning kit in your post however I do not find a kit on inkjetmall’s website. Can clarify what product you were referring to?


Ok, thanks for the additional information. Based on what you reported, I suggest the same cleaning and part replacement as in my prior email.
Our print head cleaning kit can be found here: http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.362672/it.A/id.6605/.f?sc=18&category=31348 and to be used directly on the print head to flush out the micro-channels (so, you can use this to clean your print head after disconnecting the dampers to access the head).

Best of luck- Dana :slight_smile: