Flush and the 4880

Hello, today I ran 3 power cleans and two nozzle checks on my 4880 using Pizeoflush. While the first nozzle check included colors from old Epson ink, the 2nd nozzle check (after 3rd power clean) gave me an an all pink nozzle check printout. There were no gaps in color and the print was clean. All squares printed perfect. Does this mean my printer is clog free and ready for ink? I ask this because when the nozzle check was done, the LCD on the printer said something about clogged nozzles. I was surprised to see this message since the pink printout looked perfect.

Thoughts. Am I ready for ink?


Maybe you ran the automatic nozzle check? If so, the sensor inside the printer will not interpret the patterns as ink. Only run the manual nozzle check - it also uses a fraction of the ink and time. You can run the manual nozzle check from the LCD panel on the printer. But, it does sound like your printer is ready for ink!

Jon–thank you. I used auto, so this explains the message I was getting.