Florida - Epson 7880 for sale

Printers in good condition except that the yellow channel is defective due to a leaky cartridge. Extra cartridges & ink bottles included in sale, some Cone inks, some Epson. Partial box of 24 x 36 Epson Exhibition and assorted 13 x 19 papers included. Location St Petersburg FL. All reasonable offers considered. Buyer pays shipping.

Is the channel defective, or simply the ink cart? If a new yellow cart is installed will be printer work perfectly?


@elliot It most likely just needs a new damper, but these printers can also become defective at the ink-bay too. These printers last forever when not having o-ring or back-pressure issues so I highly recommend even if it’s only firing 7 channels.


I live in Georgia. Could I pickup the printer myself to avoid shipping?

Don Bryant